How can I find the PA/CA of players in FM2013?

  1. How can I find the PA/CA of players in FM2013?

    Since Genie scout and FMRTE aren't out yet, how do I go about finding the CA/PA of players? I was unable to do so with the editor, is that the tool to use?

  2. It should be in the editor? Select the team you want then look at the squads and it'll show you the CA and PA of any player.

  3. Is there a way to see the pa/ca of the game I'm on? For instance, I can see fixed PAs on the editor, but for variable PAs it just says -9 instead of what it actually is on the game I have loaded.

  4. just wait for fmrte or genuine scout mate nothing to do for now

  5. IIRC FMRTE is already out

  6. Quote Originally Posted by trOOly View Post
    IIRC FMRTE is already out
    probably a bugged dodgy version

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