Mixing things with Liverpool
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  1. Mixing things with Liverpool

    I’m starting a game w\ Liverpool and I’m trying to go for a real shake-up in the roster. I like the Rodgers’ plan and I want to strengthen a few places in my roster. As you prob. Know there are no funds for transfer so I’ve been thinking about raising funds by selling the following players:
    Hopefully this gets enough funds to sign in some of these targets:
    Van Wolfinskel
    1) I’m open for suggestions to other players, not really looking for super young players since I have enough of promising players in my roster, looking for more of a stable players that are stuck at level B-C clubs in europe.
    2) Can this selling spree work for me? My only concern is Butland being good enough to be class A keeper.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Wellington nem is quality on my Liverpool save. I sold or loaned all the players you plan on selling except Henderson and Enrique. Ba is also a good signing. Sign Dzagoev on a free, he'll arrive in January and also try sign Llorente and Bocchetti on a free in January. I highly recommend ter stegan as a goalkeeper,unbelievable signing for me so far.

  3. I've sold Enrique,Downing,Doni and loaned out Henderson so far.
    Not sure whether to sell Reina or not
    I've brought in Christian Fruch and Ba so far. Fruch is a quality left back
    I play 433 and Cole was brilliant in my first European game so might keep him till Jan.

  4. You could sign ter Stegen if you decide to sell Reina. You can get Dzagoev on loan for £130k per month then sign him for free at the end of the loan.

  5. look for release clauses.. oh and sell reina, i reckon you'd get some much-needed money but buy ter Stegen as mentioned above

  6. And any comment about the other signings?
    Van Wolfinskel
    can they work? der-stegen is very good but i'm trying to take an english GK. Just wondering if butland can do it.

  7. RyanoLFC's Avatar RyanoLFCPremium Member
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    Hannovers keeper Ron-Robert Zieler is good aswell. Check out the prices and see who's cheaper.

    Try maybe trading reina to the club with some cash to get them? Worked for me for Ter Stegen in FM12 with 1Million added

  8. I got rid of Jones and Doni
    Have brought in Craig Gordon on a free as back up to Reina as I still debate on selling him

  9. isco will definitely work, he isnt cheap but as an am he is a playmaking god. jovetic is a monster as well, that will take most if not all of your budget though, if you can afford both. i doubt you will get 35 million (after percent taken out) for those players. they are great though. with the current 4 cb you have you dont need kjaer but he isnt that expensive 3.5 i think. never used Ostrzolek. dont know who Schmeltzer is.. and Lewandowski and Van Wolfswinkel are both good but again, you have to pick and choose with that limited budget.

  10. Van wolfswinkel is surprisingly good, also I prefer Jovetic to Lewandowski.

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