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Lower league gems
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  1. Lower league gems

    I'm currently in league two with AFC Wimbledon. Could do with a few young foreign prospects available for a low fee or free.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Matthew Edile -----rapid left back will do the job for league 1 and below

  3. I got Joe McKee on loan from Bolton who is a good assist man who chips in with the goals. And in defence Martin Camano who was a 5 star centre back for York City. He has an accent over the N so be careful!
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  4. Tom Clarke is an awesome mc, you can sign him for nothing. Josh Falkingham has brilliant stats for league 1 and 2 and I signed him for 60k over 48months. Best bargain ive found however is Wes Fletcher who i signed for 10k over 36months. He has scored 18 goals in 20 apperances for me. I am Plymouth Argyle and doing ok!

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    Marvin Schwabe - gets released at the end of the 1st season from some German club. His current ability is good enough to be your back-up keeper already but its his potential ability what it really impressive. My scouts reckon hes going to be a leading Championship goalkeeper in the future so even if you get to the Premier League hes going to be competitive. There is also the possibility of just selling him as well for big money after 2-3 seasons. Highly recommend him and also Ufuk Ozbek. Not sure if you need German leagues loaded though in order to find them.

  6. Heres a few foreign players that have dual EU nationality, you will probably need to load the respective nations national teams to have them appear in your game.

    Rudi Pounousammy - GK - Reunion/France - Good til League 2
    Tyrone Loran - DC/R - Curacao/Holland - Good til League 1
    Mikael Nelson - DC/R - Reunion/France - Good til League 1
    Hubertson Pauletta - DC/R - Curacao/Holland - Good til League 2
    Stephane Auvray - DMC/MC - Guadelope/France - Good til League 1
    Matthew Lund - MC/DMC/AMC - England - Good til League 1 possibly Championship - On loan at Bristol Rovers til Jan 13
    Wouter Jansen - MRC - Curacao/Holland - Good til League 1
    Richal Leitoe - AMC - Curacao/Holland - Good til League 1
    Oumar Tchomogo - AMC & Assistant Manager or Coach - Benin/France - Good til League 2. Currently My Assistant at Bristol Rovers.

    I have all these players in my bristol rovers save & have used most of them in previous FMs. Don't just type the names in the player search as some of the players have symbols above some of the letters in their name. Some of them will join a team lower than League 2, but i have yet to try myself in FM 13. I expect many more lower league gems such as these exist in some of the other Non EU national teams that have a high percentage of EU dual nationality.

  7. i love these post really usefull, as im a lowe league nub

  8. Peter BAJZAT got him at port vale on a free second season and he scored 36 goals in 25 games!!

  9. Hi, im currently at solihull moors i defo recommend striker pablo counago and young left back andrea zola. Both good players. You can get andrea zola on a free contract but pablo counago is at a club but if you put a transfer offer in at the price of nothing they will accept!

  10. I usually Start with Lower league Teams and just want to List the players i have had success with in my latest save Wrexham so majority of those Players i Signed for them. All are free unless stated Otherwise.

    Tyrone loran. RB/CB , Very good solid defender had him through BSP and League 2.

    Chris Hussey. LB, I signed Him on a loan for the Season and his contract expired at the End of it so i signed him on a free. Asked for 2k wage. Again a good solid left back i still have in league one atm.

    Pablo Counago. St, As mentioned in all of these types of posts he is a excellent striker to have. make a bid of £0 and they accept( plays for DT Long An)

    Patrick Vaz. LW, A Usful Winger to have he played Superb in the first season for me until he got badly hurt and retired( is a decent Assistan manager now)

    Kelvin Bossman R/LW, I play him on the Right mostly and is too good really for the BSP. has excellent pace and good crossing ability Didnt score too many for me but he racks up the assists.

    Jon McShane ST, I signed him for 80k in January first season from hamilton, he requested the transfer listing. is my main striker with good finishing and all-round stats.

    Ben McKenna Rm/RW/AM, i signed him with high hopes but he just didnt Click, am listing him because you might more success then me with him, still have hold of him and just been loaned out for the last 2 seasons, worth 85k atm so might be good even just to sell for a bit of Cash.

    I have a few more for the 2nd and 3rd seasons But they are mainly down to luck whether they are signed back up or not, one i will highly reccommend you take a look at is Ross Davidson (kilmarnock) is released after a season and altho the stats are average accross the board he got player of the season in the league and club, doesnt ask for much wages and improves Alot if played.

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