Bertrand Traore - CHelsea

  1. Bertrand Traore - CHelsea

    he is the most agrivating player mainly because he has a high PA but CAN't play, is there anyway to get this lifted, or am i going to have to use the editor!!!

  2. Chelsea, Stevenage and Dagenham + Redbridge Modern Day Legend
    Aint it that he cant play until 2013 or something like that? or are you beyond the date he is supposed to be allowed to play but you still cant use him?

  3. I'm guessing if you can get round it using the editor, that's the only way. Because I'd never even heard of him until now, just done a quick search and I know Wikipedia isn't the trust-worthy source but apparently, according to his page Chelsea said in January he has never signed a contract, only appearing for the youth squad on trial. A contract might have been signed in the summer, but there's no mention of it on his Wikipedia page. But then, I don't understand why he'd be amongst the Chelsea players in the game if he'd never signed a contract.

    Basically, what I'm saying is, I have no idea what you need to do in order for him to be able to play.
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  4. It clearly says Unavailable to play club football until 6.9.2013. If only people looked...

  5. Chelsea, Stevenage and Dagenham + Redbridge Modern Day Legend
    I am having a problem regarding a work permit on my game ATM he as good potential on my game and I have used him a few times in the first team and he has done really well bt his contract is up at the end of the season but it won't let me give him a new one as he keeps on being denied a work permit. Does anybody know if he will eventually get a work permit or if he will just end up leaving on a free?

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