Alexis Sanchez

  1. Alexis Sanchez

    I'm united and i've just signed him for 43mil in the 2nd season i wanted that big name signing in attack but i dont know if ive over paid or something!!!!

    i play 4222 with cleverley and Essien in cm and schurrle and Sanchez wings and Wazza and RVP up top!!! i just want the be more clinical in front of goal because my team seems to shoot when they are in awkward situation like wingers shooting for no reason and i cant figure out how to stop it!!! i have a decent squad i just want to know how to get the best out of it ive tried 4-2-3-1 but i conceded and drew to many goals with it!!! i have vida and shawcross in cb and de ciegle (sp) and rafa or clyne in full backs positions !!!

    in general HELP!!! the board have told me i have 1 year to win the league

  2. personally I think you've overpaid.

    I think to stop the strange shooting (which might just be something wrong with the match engine) is to tell your players to RARELY long shoot (I hate, hate, hate it when my wingers attempt long shots from awkward angles) as well for their wide play to "cut in" or travel in the channels. THis will hopefully allow them to get into the middle of the pitch more (i.e. into a better shooting position) before attempting to fire a shot.
    To be honest I don't think your team is very good/balanced. Cleverly IMO (as much as I love him) is NOT good enough to be a starter for Man U and is definitely no replacement for a Scholes-like nor a Roy Keane figure than Man U needs. I don't think a jack of all trades, master of none player like Cleverly is what you need if you're playing a 2 man-midfield. I would have personally saved the Sanchez and Schurrle money and splurged on two really great midfielders: a dazzling playmaker type like Oscar (think Ander Herra or Thiago) and a strong midfield tackler like Fellani. Also Darren Fletcher (a fantastic player in FM) and Anderson can do a perfectly good job so buying Essien is also a bit strange.

    On the note of overplaying... you probably didn't need to buy Schurrle or Sanchez. Man U already have a fantastic winger squad in the likes of Valencia, Nani, Young and if I was playing I would be even tempted to experiment with Kagawa as my starter winger over Nani or Young (he has all the attributes: great flair, technique, pacey, good shooter, pretty creative). Not saying that any of these are better than Sanchez, it's just that I don't think it was necessary to spunk 43 mil on a luxury player like Sanchez.

    With all that money saved, you could have probably bought somebody like Falcao and saved yourself all these misfiring problems! Could have played a frightening 3 man strike force (RVP, Rooney, Falcao) with two of the strikers roaming so essentially acting as wingers some of the time!

    I hope I haven't been too critical. Just that I think the root of all your woes is not much in the tactics but the actual players you have.

  3. Drop Rooney as AMC and play Sanchez as poacher as he is fast as hell.

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