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Regens to expensive!! Help???

  1. Regens to expensive!! Help???

    Hello, i have made a manager in Arsenal just when the Beta version came out. So that means i still play that same game as i played on beta.

    The problem is, when i want to make a offer for a regen which i find to be good, i get a report from one of my scouts, but it dosent say anything about the price the club wants.

    Anyway, i try to make a offer for the regen, but the clubs reject offers on 13 mil pounds even though the regen only is 16 years old. And this happens to a lot of the regens. Its not only something that happend with one regen.

    Why is that so?

    Is it because of the Beta safegame i still play, or is it the same if i made a new carrer from the start?

    Please help !

  2. The way transfers are handled in fm 13 is different than older versions.If the player has good potential and is home grown then it will take more money to get him.As for the club not naming a price it may be because they don't want to sell a home grown talent,it will take a BIG offer to persuade them otherwise.
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  3. It's to stop you paying 50p to create a team of wonderkids.

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