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General Buying Strategy

  1. General Buying Strategy

    Just wondering how people decide which players to buy, for example do you use scouting as a guide and generally buy players your scouts recommend or do you buy players that have played well for other teams on the game, or do you use the "find similar players" option and buy players regardless of their scouting report?

    Generally I only ever use my scouts and if I see players with at least 3 and a half star potential I'll consider buying them but this can be a lengthy process as you're always discovering someone better than the last person you found just as you're about to buy him!

    So just wanted to know if there's a better way to go about finding players to buy for my club than the method that I currently use, would be interested to hear what strategies you guys use.


  2. you could try using a shortlist downloaded from here to make it really easy.

    The way I usually do it is a whole combination approach. I think scouts can be very important but they can be wrong or not rate a player so that's only part of it. Part is simply filtering attributes and looking at the players like you said. I tend to go for youngsters with potential rather than the polished product already so I may make a filter of a player or just a few attributes I want and knock them down a few numbers. I usually look for players need by need and then to my youth after. I like a lot of targets so I will often have 5 or 6 guys lined up for one spot/position and evaluate from there based on the scout report, my own judgement of their attributes and of course the pricing.

  3. I use scout recomandation stars to guide myself. If they pass my "needs" in scouts view , i'm checking the player myself if he is what i want.

  4. depends of who you want, experienced players-I use scouts just to see, if they are available and for how much, and how do they really work in your tactics, generally you don´t need 10 great strikers, when they can´t play regurarly

    youngsters-the best way imo ist always (mostly in July) to look just to national u19s and 20s and to look for the best technical attributes, together with physical stats, there you can find the best guys, I´ve rather seen somebody, who does not have good physical atts, means at least 10 in quickness, strenght, stamina and nat. fit. at the age of 16 to develop to a star player and all of them need to play first team football, doesn´t matter where.

    right now I have found about 20 youngsters (7/13) with 4,5 and 5* potential under 16, and the best of them is 14yo, prices between 1M-5,5M, because of phys. stats signed just 10 of them and I would say, next 3 or 4 years they have a very little chance to play for my first team and after 3 or 4 seasons, when they would be ready, there would be another 20 or 30 generated stars, so, it makes fun to sign them, but then the ones like iturbe, sterling or couple of other, who are described as wonderkids do not have the chance really to develop, when there are already after 1st season so many great youngsters, who are with 14 or 15 much better... its just a game and I do rarely play more than 3 or 4 seasons
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  5. I always scoout any players im thinking of signing. And if. Their Ca/pa star rating is below 3 i wont get them unless their on a free.
    I will always get plenty of free and young players every season and the occasional first team player but i will always use scowt reports, price, age and atributes to determine who i buy.
    Im sorry its a bit shambolic but i hope it helps.

  6. Buy low.
    Sell high.
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  7. Buy players approaching their prime (26 years of age at most). Usually for cheap prices as they're either transfer listed, their contracts are running out, they have a release clause in their contract or they are unhappy. Then sell them once they perform well if you get a big enough offer.

    (The Newcastle approach)

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