How to get the best out of Suarez?

  1. How to get the best out of Suarez?

    He's playing AWFUL for me. I have him sitting behind Di Natale and he's failing to produce the goods.

    He's played 7 games in the league, yet to score. I have him as a Advanced Playmaker set on Attack. I would shove him on the wing, but Sterling and Assiaidi have been amazing.

    What am I doing wrong? If he continues to be like this throughout the season, I think I'll sell him at the end of the season and bring in someone else.

  2. Hes not an Advanced Playmaker? - Hes a striker, Maybe a little like Messis role in Barca, A false 9 - I'd Play as Inside forward or Treq.

  3. I'll give those two a try. Cheers.

    The only reason I had him on Advanced Playmaker is because that's where my mate was playing him and he was performing very well. For me not so much.

  4. Hes just the opposite of a good playmaker, he wants the ball all the time himself

  5. Is he giving you a lot of assists? In my two striker formation suarez only has 6 goals in 15 but he has 10 assists next to borini and borini has almost 10 goals. his finishing is low on the game IMO but he still contributes if you play him right. Playing him in a false 9 role is a good idea but i disagree that he isnt a playmaker, he is a very good team player at times. You could also try running him at complete forward which is what ive been doing and he does very nicely for me. A key thing for your strikers as well is how your formation is set, how the midfield is behind them, is there an AMC or 2 MCs ? wingers or a central diamond, it all affects it, not just how they are set up.

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