Man Utd go Brazillian
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  1. Man Utd go Brazillian

    I'm currently playing as Man United and have signed, Wellington Nem, Leandro Moura, Otavio, Jadson, Ademilson and Like Shaw. Shaw is in the reserves as he is not ready for first team action evidenced by the fact he lost me a capital one cup match against B'ham. Ademilson and Leandro are on loan at Leicster and scoring and doing well. Jadson is playing well on loan at Udinese who have just crashed out of Europe in the Champs League quarter final. Looking for new talent and as I like Brazillians anyone think of any? Looking at Adryan, Dieyson, Tinga, Mario Fernandes, Romulo and A youngster from Santos... Can't remember name. Any others?

  2. romario(rb) im sure hes brazilian, aydrian 875k i signed him for at everton got him in jan hes scored 6 and got 8assists

  3. Doria and Muralha at least. Both have release clauses somewhere around 500-900k.

  4. Are they all good enough to play. I'm thinking of trying Dede too. But Wooton is playing and scoring a few can also play mid if need be.

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    Are they all good enough to play. I'm thinking of trying Dede too. But Wooton is playing and scoring a few can also play mid if need be.

    iam in 2nd season,is wooton any good? i have loaned him out both seasons?

  6. Fernando from Gremio, I mainly play him as a defensive mid but his attributes are good enough for a DLP role. Scored the winner & his first goal for us in a 2-1 win over Chelsea, from a gorgeous freekick. He's got a £6.25M release clause, 4 star potential.

  7. Man Utd go Brazillian-man-utd_-transfers-history.pngMan Utd go Brazillian-man-utd_-transfers-history-2.pngMan Utd go Brazillian-manchester-united_-squad-players.pngMan Utd go Brazillian-manchester-united_-squad-players-2.pngMan Utd go Brazillian-manchester-united_-tactics-overview.pngMan Utd go Brazillian-manchester-united_-training-coaches.pngMan Utd go Brazillian-manchester-united_-training-coaches-2.pngMan Utd go Brazillian-manchester-united_-training-coaches-3.pngMan Utd go Brazillian-manchester-united_-training-coaches-4.pngMan Utd go Brazillian-manchester-united_-training-team.pngMan Utd go Brazillian-manchester-united_-training-team-2.pngJust a few screenies not done fixtures yet only played 1 league game against evrton won 2-0

  8. In my Utd save I bought:

    Wellington Nem
    (great utility mf)

  9. Is Casemiro playing really well as MF because i thinking of signing him in my Tottenham save? Either him or Bertolacci i think...

  10. Is Wallace really that good?

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