Right winger!
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  1. Right winger!

    I've started as Tottenham, I have 11.5 mill with 125k wage left and I want to buy a good right winger who's fast to either be back up to Lennon or start instead of Lennon, any suggestions?

  2. Could see how much Zaha goes for, his stats aren't anything special but he plays well consistently

  3. He's a natural striker on this which annoys me and it's only ever desperation if I play someone in there accomplished position instead of natural, I'm weird like that haha, I thought about sterling but not sure

  4. At the moment it's between raheem

  5. Sterling and Patrick herrman

  6. Sterling has been great for me on Liverpool, 26 matches, 11 goals and 4 assists so far. Playing him as left winger, inside forward - that's a great plus btw, he plays natural on both sides.

  7. I ended up getting herrman, got him for 11 mill where sterling would of been expensive even though he's young, and English which is also good

  8. ben arfa, douglas costa

  9. Wellington Nem (£3.5m) , gets loads of assists and goals.

  10. Theo Wallcott or Alex Oxalade-Chamberlain are awesome.

    When I was Tottenham Gylfi Sigurasson did a good job as AMR inside forward, Clint Dempsey is a legit backup as well. I would say they are both better than Lennon.

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