RB for Man City
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  1. RB for Man City

    Hello i`m looking for the best right back, maicon is very bad and richards gets injured often also zabaleta is bad too. Thanks

  2. You joking? Maicon is ace, bit old though, look at Kyle walker or Sebastian corchia

  3. go for the highest priced - its not like city cannot afford it

  4. no i'm not joking he-s bad he doesn't get along with the team and averages 6.5...

  5. You'll get a couple of good seasons out of him, buy Dirijo Srna from Shakhtar. Quality! For longevity, Kyle Walker or Rafael.

  6. Dirijo Srna isnt that young, walker is probally best hes HG too, corchia is a good shout too

  7. Never said he was young, hence the 'get a couple of good seasons', as he's reaching his 30's.

  8. Zabaleta and Maicon work great. Maybe you're not using the right role for them

  9. Considering a new right back myself. Anyone better than Rafael? Corchia, Vrsaljko, Danilo, Azpilicueta and Walker all seem to have lower potential than Rafael. No oldies please, only interested in 23 or younger.

  10. As you have the money mght want to splash out on Lahm.

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