is there any good BBM's u can suggest?

  1. is there any good BBM's u can suggest?

    only 1 decent comes to mind is axel witsel
    as there any more u guys can suggest?

  2. Song and Khedira are decent but are probably too expensive. Can't think of any others at the moment.

  3. The list is massive, there are so many quality players to choose from.

    Bender (x2)
    Y. Toure
    etc, etc.

    (Basically you just want any defensive midfielder who can pass it well

  4. Poli
    Moussa Sissoko
    Mousa Dembele

    to name a some..

  5. I use Jadson, Allen, Leiva, Ayew.

    Allen is suprisingly good as a BBM, he controls the games for me and last season he also contributed to 10 goals, not going to complain at all!

    Currently got Shelvey on Speed training and once he has decent speed, He'll also be a great BBM.

  6. mousa dembele
    sandro is not bad choice for that aswell
    moussa cissoko
    joe allen
    kim kallstrom
    javi martinez

  7. I had Andre Ayew as a bbm and he was awesome, arriving late in the box and scoring plenty of goals!

  8. Just got james Milner on a free. He seems to be doing well

  9. Javi Martinez was beyond awesome for me in Fm11. Almost unobtainable in 13 though.

  10. Vidal and Marchisio

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