Moussa Dembele

  1. Moussa Dembele

    Can't help but recommend him enough. He's been incredible for my Spurs team, 12 games into the season and he's 10 goals, two hat tricks included. I'm not sure how much he would cost but he's definitely worth whatever the price.

    He's best playing in an attacking role in a 4-2-3-1.

  2. i play him centre midfield with attack role he is an absolute beast

  3. What formation is that in?

  4. I signed him at the end of my first season as Liverpool (He only played 12 for Spurs) for £12m
    I play 4-1-2-2-1 & i play him center mid as a box to box midfielder & hes been very good for me

  5. Yeah he plays well stats seems good but the one thing that anoys me and this is nothing to do with him its the rating my staff give him. only 3 stars! he performs and his stats suggest he should be rated better!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by JayRadford View Post
    I signed him at the end of my first season as Liverpool (He only played 12 for Spurs) for £12m
    Same, but I've been playing him AM, rotating with Gerard. I've lost count number of matches he has won as an impact sub.

  7. Im playing as Real Madrid and are looking for a option to bring in to compete with Sami Khedira. I mostly play Khedira as a central midfielder with box-to-box or ballwinning as the role. When I was searching for a backup for him I came across Dembélé a player that seemed very useful in the game and able to play in numberous different roles. Therefore I was wondering whether or not Dembele would fit playing as box-to-box and/or ballwinning midfielder in my Real Madrid?

    The fact that Dembele only have played 3(!!) matches for Spurs, the first half of the season, has made him unsettled. And I might be able to swoop in and secure his signature cheaply!

  8. Signed him on a free and is easily one of my best players ! He goes on mad runs all the time taking players on and scores amazing goals.

  9. Dembele goes beast mode against me all the time

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