Best players that aren't young wonder kids????

  1. Best players that aren't young wonder kids????

    I'm not sure if this has been asked or anything but I haven't been able to find anything about it on this stupid iPad, I'm in my second season with Middlesbrough just been promoted to the premier league, and my squad is already really young so I was looking for players who will do a good job between the ages of 23-28 in all positions, money isn't a issue as I am gonna try and get most of them over 48 months


  2. You just admitted to using an iPad!

  3. Yeah?

  4. BUMP

  5. Marek Hamsik
    Yann M'Vila
    Stevan Jovetic
    Dejan Lovren
    Seydou Doumbia
    Arturo Vidal

  6. Ronaldinho Gaucho can be signed straight up for the January transfer. If he is willing to play for you, he will put up very nice numbers at a reasonable salary

  7. I've got seydou doumbia on loan until January but he's not interested in joining permantly my reputation isn't good enough for players like hamsik ronaldinho and jovetic I'm desperate for another striker how's billy sharp?
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  8. Negredo from Sevilla. I'm curently in season 2 with Swansea and got him in start of season 2. He is just hammering in those goals.

  9. ADEMILSON contract clause is 5.25 mill or maybe ADRYAN who's 875k, okore 1.3mill

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