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Best Minimum Fee Release Clauses.

  1. Best Minimum Fee Release Clauses.

    First off, forgive me if such a thread already exists, I had a little look and couldn't find one so I thought I'd start one.

    Basically, this is just somewhere to discuss and suggest good players with low minimum fee release clauses in their contracts.

    I'm going to start the ball rolling with these.

    Wellington Nem - £3.5 million
    Young player with bags of potential, great price.

    Andre Ayew - £15.75 million
    Great central midfielder, still quite young, and can play in a number of other positions.

    Phillip Lahm - £26 million
    I know £26 million is a lot, but Lahm is arguably the best right back in the game, so he's worth it.

  2. Adryan - 875k
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  3. Isco for 17.5M. Great player with better potential than most others

  4. Ademilson : 5.25 million.

  5. ^What Rossoldiniho said.

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