DR and LB for liverpool 2nd season

  1. DR and LB for liverpool 2nd season

    Help pls =) got 40mil

  2. Got only Sime Vrajsko there, Jose Enrique and Jack Robinson are slacking .

  3. corchia a good dr but can be costly I also struggle with a good lb

  4. trying to get Alaba but he doesnt wanna sign he cost like 22mil eu... :s

  5. I'm managing Liverpool myself, just started second season. Bought Alaba first season for £16.5m, and Corchia this season for £22.5m (half of it over 48 months). Only played 2 games of the new season so can't give a good evaluation yet. But they're both better going forward than defending it seems.

  6. Im in second season also, and got Santon(15,75M€) and Coentrao(12M€) on the left. Johnson and Kelly on right, Kelly has been very solid, an avr of 7.14. Johnson has been a little flop, but its okay as Kelly is playing well.

  7. Try and get corchia for right back and Jose angel for left back

  8. Corchia 50 mil ... I bought a regen, Santon is already in Spurs and they want much as well .... still trying to get Alaba from City

  9. Try N. Clyne. I bougth him in 2nd season with Liverpool. He cost about 6 million €. Good rotate/back up for Johnson and can play in both sides. He's doing good for my team and future looks bright. Plus he's from england.

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