Jordan Rhodes

  1. Jordan Rhodes

    Just wondering what peoples experiences of Jordan Rhodes are on the game?

    I am currently coming to the end of February in my first season with Villa, and just noticed that he scored 4 goals as Blackburn beat Arsenal 5-4 in the League cup final.

    Having looked at his stats he has scored 28 in 40 games in all competitions this season (so far) also.

    So have any people had experience with him in the EPL? Or seen him impress in there games in the EPL?

  2. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    When I was in the Championship, I used him as a poacher and he nabbed 33-35 goals in a season when I used a 4-5-1. Unfortunately he got injured during the off-season and is out for a few months, so haven't got to use him properly in the PL as yet.

  3. After scouting him they say he will end up being a 3.5 star player but comes with a £6.5M-£9M price tag. Not sure he is worth that though.

  4. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Jordan Rhodes-jordan-rhodes_-history-career-stats.pngJordan Rhodes-jordan-rhodes_-overview-attributes.png

    Hope the screenies help. Currently valued at £8 million, but I'm confident he'll be good enough as I've bought in some more excellent players on loan (like Motta) who can help provide the ammunition. And got a 7.93 rating in 3 non-competitve games before being injured. The attributes are in 2nd season and progressed very nicely

    Hope it helps
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  5. I'm in 2017 and Jordan Rhodes has already been at Man City and Tottenham, he didn't really play or score for City but hes been great for Tottenham this season picking up 11 goals in 15 games

  6. Thanks for the screenies alt09.

    tomzuh - Cant argue with that. May I ask how much Blackburn sold him for on your game?

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