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Need a CM that fits into GoalsGalore

  1. Need a CM that fits into GoalsGalore

    I need a Midfielder that fits these "stats"
    Think Busquets. On defense, he will be the main enforcer in the midfielder, stopping the opponent before reaching to our area. On offense, he will keep it simple and pass the ball to any open player. Nothing flashy.
    Recommended Attributes : Tackling, Stamina, Decision, Strength, Passing, Teamwork

    Ive been looking at Sven Bender, Yann M´Villa (Reenais wanted 56m) and Verratti.
    Iam playing as Newcastle so Busquets is out of the question

  2. Why don't you try a search for those stats, of say, 15 in each, if it throws up a lot of players, keep increasing the individual stats by one until you are only left with a few!

    That's generally what i do!
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  3. Found him, do you think he will work. Never heard of him
    Alfred N´Diaye from France, plays in Bursaspor in Turkey (sorry for no picture)

  4. This the guy?

    Need a CM that fits into GoalsGalore-screen-shot-2012-11-21-21.26.59.png

    As you can see, he plays for L'Pool in my save, this is in season 15/16 so not sure if these are the same stats etc you are looking at! He may well be able to do a job though mate! Try looking at Raikan's player recommendation page, have snapped up a few in there for my Everton save!

    Raikan007's Player Recommendation List for Fm13

    You may find none of those suit, but just keep looking through your game until you find someone that does, not sure what year you are in, but you could maybe look out for a regen!
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  5. Celtic First Team
    you want a cheap, BWM essentially? take a look at Wanyama, his physical and mental stats are amazing, and he has decent techncial stats.
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  6. I am using Luiz Gustavo as my BWM and Benap as my DLP with this tactic and they both have done REALLY well

  7. timmsy123's Avatar timmsy123
    England: Northampton Town FC & follow Manchester United. Italy: Udinese Calcio. Germany: Hannover. Star Player
    Try this guy!

    Need a CM that fits into GoalsGalore-screen-shot-2012-11-22-16.51.38.png
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  8. Josip Radošević, cheap bwm and one for the future

  9. I went for Romelu from Spartak Moscow, super player really recommend him. Got him for 20M

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