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Top Class Regens

  1. Top Class Regens

    Can anyone tell me when world-class regens start to appear? I don't mean the specific dates, I mean what year... Does it have to be when a current world-class player retires and then there is a regen that is created to replace him?

    I'm Manchester United in 2014/2015 and I've yet to find any real stand-out regens!

  2. They appear all the time all around the world - every year. If you haven't found any yet, you're either extremely unlucky beyond comprehension, or you haven't been looking hard enough.

    Recommended Scouting Settings for Finding Regen Wonderkids

    Here you'll see what nations provide the best regens: Scouting Regions - Know the countries, find the hidden talents
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  3. How big is your database? If you have small database/ not many playabe leagues, your changes of getting lots of world-class regens is a lot less likely.

  4. Second season regen dates are when the true ones start to pop up, march is your key month.

  5. april 2nd for argentina is allways a check for me and apart from that march seems to be the month with the most

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