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Director of football. any recommendations?
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  1. Director of football. any recommendations?

    I need one to manage my team properly. any suggestions?

  2. You.
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  3. From my own experience I wouldn't bother with one. Their more of a hindrance than a benefit. For me they just find rubbish players and offer over the odd prices/contracts for them.

  4. Paulo Futre

    They are useful to help throwing out trash players and negotiating contracts.
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  5. If you can get him, I highly recommend Rudi Voller (Bayer Leverkusen).
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  6. Klaus Allofs i have him as my dof at tottenham has helped me sign some very good players and also is very good at selling unwanted players.

  7. I would say damien comolli, but based on what he did to Liverpool I'd rather spend over 50 million on decent players
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  8. It depends what you are going to use him for. I just use him to sell/loan fringe players and look through my scouts' reports, and Domenico Arnuzzo is mine at Arsenal. He isn't at a club at the start so you don't have to pay anyone compensation, and he is quality in all the related attributes to what I use him for!

  9. frank arnesen is very good

  10. Pantelo Corvino or Lee Keshaw sign one both quality is OK.

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