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Training A Left Wing Back

  1. Training A Left Wing Back

    I'm Milan in January and need a left wing back. Baines would have been my choice but he went to Man Utd. Nobody else really interests me that isn't ridiculous price or massive wage demands.

    Can anybody recommend a player that would be decent to retrain into left wing back? Hopefully decent at crossing and teamwork with decent pace and stamina.


  2. How much are you willing to pay in transfer fee and wages?

  3. I assume you still have Mattia De Sciglio, would he be any use as a left wing back?

  4. mattia de sciglio is an awesome wb dunno why u wouldnt use him

  5. I completely forgot I had him in the youth team. Even so he is right footed and at 20 he still needs a fair bit of work. 11 crossing wont help me too much with setting up goals.

    Might loan him out and see how he does.

    Not sure what wages I will have because a few players will be leaving soon at end of their contract so that will free up a fair bit

  6. Martin Olsson? If not, Siqueira from Granada is top class. Brazil has a lot of them lying around too.
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  7. Alaba is great for me.. I got him coz was gonna get Cole go.. half the wages and equally awesome, plus better crossing and dribbling !

  8. Take a look at Christian Fuchs. If you are looking for an attacking LWB, you cannot do a whole lot better!!!

  9. Gibbs is immense for me mid-way through the 2nd season! Also, have a look at Marcos Rojo from Sporting, he seems quality (I'd get him if I didn't have Gibbs )

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