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Help With Inside Forward!

  1. Help With Inside Forward!

    So, i've just started a new save with Ath. Bilbao, and i'm using Muniain as LAM IF.

    I want him to cut inside and shoot or pass a through ball to the striker, but the problem is that he dosen't cut inside, he just hugs the touchline!

    Please help me!


  2. Player Instructions>Wide Play>Cut Inside

  3. Does he have a PPM to cut inside? If not then train him to do so.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by julianchelmsford View Post
    Player Instructions>Wide Play>Cut Inside
    i've tried the, didn't work.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by mld81 View Post
    Does he have a PPM to cut inside? If not then train him to do so.
    Will do!
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  6. Still don't work!
    I just don't get it, in FM12 he used to do it all the time and score loads of goals but now, nothing!

    Is there anyone else having this problem?

  7. Im having this problem aswell, both as liverpool and HSV.
    In my liverpool save im using suarez on the left wing with inside forward instructions, and in ½ a season i have yet to see him try and drible the opposition and cut inside, same with my backup Assaidi who even has the ppm 'cuts inside'. On my right wing its the same with lamela and suso. Tried to use the editor to test this, and even though i gave suarez 17 in flair/work rate, 16 in finishing and the ppm 'cuts inside', he still didnt get more goals or tried to dribble inside.

    However, i find that playing your inside forwards as 'support' instead of 'attack', they will do it a bit more though and will look more like your inside forwards from 2012.
    Still hope SI will improve this in one of the next patches, since whenever Borini/Carroll aren't scoring and Gerrard neither, im having a serious goal scoring issue, even my subs like Shelvey, Henderson and Yesil have been getting more goals than my inside forwards despite only having played 1/3 amount of time my IFs have.
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  8. I don't know personally, be strongly suggesting asking this guy what he did... he got him to score 70+ goals in a season

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