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Wilfried Bony
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  1. Wilfried Bony

    Let me make it simple for everyone. This is the BEST striker in the game, not one of the best, THE BEST. The guy is a mixture of falcao, drogba and aguero all in one. Last year you could get him for like 5 m but he is a bit more expensive this year. I got him for 15m but he delivers right away. He doesn't need any adaption period and playing him as a poacher, dlf or af he'll still deliver. Racks goals and assists like a joke. Buy him and then focus on other parts of your team because your attack will be settled for the next five years.

  2. any screenshot of him?

  3. I manage quite a lot in the Dutch league so ive known about him a while. Hes actually top scorer in Holland in real life at the moment with 15 goals.

    Wilfried Bony-screenshot-28-.png

  4. i had him in fm12 he was shit sold him for 9mil then started a new save and was a lower team so signed him bagged 20 goals in haha

  5. Does he score as many as Falcao ?

  6. I'm playing with AS Monaco in the french league (Bony is on my team) and PSG have Falcao. So far
    Wilfried Bony-bonystats.pngWilfried Bony-falcaostats.pngWilfried Bony-falcaopsg.pngWilfried Bony-bonyasmonaco.png
    Bony has 22 goals in 16 competitive games. That's his first season with me. From the screenshots you'll see that he's already bossing Falcao.

  7. not been funny but ive got falcao and hes scored 49 goals in 51 apps this season and this guy will never reach then kind of stats he may get 30 in a good year but describing him a falcao drogba and aguero in 1 i was expecting some Super Regen but showing him in the dutch league and Ligue 2 in france arent really ways to persuade people hes the s**t. he may be good for villa wigan ect but not united for me there is no striker better than falcao on the game.
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  8. I'm in Ligue 1 right now(The first picture even says Ligue 1 stats for Bony) and falcao stats and Bony's stats are across the same period in the ligue 1. Also he scored a double against Lyon, a triple against OM and a double against Lille which are 3 of the strongest teams in France after PSG.

    Now I'm not saying Falcao sucks. If I had the money I would have tried to buy him, but I've played with Bony for a while and I can assure you that even if I was playing with Barca, I would've bought him and he would deliver.

  9. thenabster,sorry for offtop but which tactic do use with monaco?

  10. Had Bony in FM12 for a season in French Ligue 1. 14 goals and 12 assists with 7.18 rating in 35 games (league/cup/continental) Plus 2 goals to help Ivory Coast win the 2014 World Cup (Crazy I know)

    Flipped him the next season to Leverkusen for double what I paid for him and brought in Niang. At Leverkusen, he's kept up his performances.

    Can perform with both feet, score goals and bring others into play and has the mentality to be consistent.

    He's not the best striker in the game, but too many people focus on the visible attributes and forget about the hidden ones. If you give him the right role, he'd do well for any team.

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