I have him in my liverpooll save and he is beast, like 11 goals in 7 apps,im in february. You're wondering why only 7 apss when you are nearly finished your season? HE ALWAYS GETS INJURDED,it so frustrating, any advice how to stop it?? Like every game he starts he gets injured from eiether 3 days- 4 months, bugs me!

  2. What is his Natural Fitness stat? And try lowering his training workload/your match-preperation workload.
    In Player instructions settings, also check if he has aggresive tackling/tight marking

  3. Will do maate.

  4. He's getting injured coz he's injury prone.. says so in my scout report.. which is one of the reasons y I didn't sign him keeping faith with torres in my first season.. falcao just sent me a come n get me plea n they want 54 mil USD.. needed 80 mil + in the summer

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