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WBA first season - Who to buy please help!! ???? Using goalrush formation!

  1. WBA first season - Who to buy please help!! ???? Using goalrush formation!

    Hi everyone,
    Would love some help on peoples advised signings for WBA in the first season! I have around 10 million after a couple of sales and am looking to play the Goal rush formation 4-2-3-1 sort of formation! So far I am looking at Taarabt for AMC, Wellington Nem for AMR and Mancienne (excuse the spelling ) for cb! but not 100 percent on any of these!! I feel it is these 3 positions I need to strengthen! Any ideas guys?? trying to match the mighty baggies form in real life! haha
    Thanks in advance lads!

  2. 1) Mancienne is correctly spelled. But Id go for Okore (1.3m clause) and Doria (525k clause). Both together are much cheaper than Mancienne. Dont be afraid of Doria's age. He can do a job from the beginning. If you cant get these try Milosevic (cb at AIK). No wp issues.
    2) I dunno how much Taarabt is but Felipe Anderson (Santos) has a clause (I think around 5 mil) and if he comes he's better than Taarabt. No wp issues. Also buy Adryan (Botafogo) for 875k (release). Again no wp issues.
    3) Wellington Nem you should go for cos he's great. Use as winger/if (better) or as poacher as he has pace.

    Other positions:

    DM Hargreaves free/ Simao 3m approx (in China or Korea I think).
    RB Boenisch free.
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  3. Thank you mate - great help!

  4. I would strongly advise Wilfred Zaha, got him on my Newcastle save and he has owned my right wing, scored 14 playing out wide and also assisted 12. Very often see him run from our own half to score too.

    Totally agree with Adryan, finished with an average of around 7.20 good bench player.

    I must say, I threw Adam Campbell in at the deep end when Ba and Cisse went to ACON and he ended the season with 26 goals in all comps. Don't know how much he is available for tho.

    Another tip is to look at who gets relegated every season, they are willing to accept lower offers for their players, I've just signed Agbonlahor for 8 mil

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