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wilfred zaha screenshots
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  1. wilfred zaha screenshots

    i cant seem to find any wilfred zaha screenshots (ive seen them around but my search bar still isnt working) have you guys got any screenshots of zaha say from 2013-2018

  2. I use my phone on here so can't screenshot, but can vouch for him! First season with Newcastle playing out wide scored 14 assisted about the same, and is leading scorer this season too, regularly takes on the whole team to score. Quality. Got him for about 6mil first season.

  3. Same as above got him and Guidetti upfront and I've got Norwich to 4th

  4. I haven't used him, but here he is in 2016:
    wilfred zaha screenshots-wilfried-zaha_-history-career-stats.pngwilfred zaha screenshots-wilfried-zaha_-overview-attributes.png

    Also... this:
    FM13 Request a Player screenshot
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  5. ive always wanted to buy zaha but the thing that puts me off is his very poor finishing, 10 finishing is terrible for a striker

  6. Ive bought him before and I found that he plays best as a winger.

  7. i really want to sign him but im put off by his attributes

  8. Quote Originally Posted by joshb View Post
    i really want to sign him but im put off by his attributes

    yeah same i really think SI got this one really wrong same with raheem sterling IMO

  9. ive already used sterling when i had a liverpool save personally i rate him, im just not sure if zaha is gonna be a flop for the money spent on him, im looking to start a new game soon so i may try and bring him in

  10. I personally think he his ratings in the game are completely wrong compare to how he is irl, having bought him for QPR and played him week in week out he is barely improving, only positive to his purchase is I got him for £2M with a couple useless players thrown in so he wasn't a big outlay but still very annoying.

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