Looking for good players 1-3m

  1. Looking for good players 1-3m

    I just started a save with Hull in the championship, looking for decent players from 1-3 million
    Anyone who can help will be greatly appreciated!


  2. Uhh Malonga, Wellington Nem, Vuckic on loan, Perch,

    Look through eastern Europe like Croatia etc;

  3. adyran 850k, mattia perin

  4. Thanks guys for the help!

  5. Thomas Drage, Fredrik Midtjso, Okore, Hussain, Svennson, Jan Chramosta, Macheda (loan) Kara (maybe) Adryan

    Just go to Rosenborgs team and raid them: here are some of the best players you can get for cheap cheap
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Looking for good players 1-3m-john-chibuike_-overview-attributes.png   Looking for good players 1-3m-borek-dockal_-history-career-stats.png   Looking for good players 1-3m-borek-dockal_-overview-attributes.png  

    Looking for good players 1-3m-jonas-svensson_-history-career-stats.png   Looking for good players 1-3m-jonas-svensson_-overview-attributes.png   Looking for good players 1-3m-fredrik-midtsj-_-history-career-stats.png  

    Looking for good players 1-3m-fredrik-midtsj-_-overview-attributes.png   Looking for good players 1-3m-mikkel-diskerud_-history-career-stats.png   Looking for good players 1-3m-mikkel-diskerud_-overview-attributes.png  

    Looking for good players 1-3m-ole-kristian-seln-s_-history-career-stats.png   Looking for good players 1-3m-ole-kristian-seln-s_-overview-attributes.png   Looking for good players 1-3m-stefan-strandberg_-history-career-stats.png  

    Looking for good players 1-3m-stefan-strandberg_-overview-attributes.png   Looking for good players 1-3m-john-chibuike_-history-career-stats.png  

  6. bressan, andre jali, ruben jensson are all good centre midfielders

  7. Thanks very much buddy! greatly appreciated

  8. Thanks! very nice of you to help

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