1. Wallace

    Has any body signed this kid, iv just signed him in my Fulham save goin to put him straight in my starting 11. Or do i need a more solid RB?

  2. A SS would help. O think there are more than 1 Wallace in the game, even without the Scottish league loaded

  3. Its the brazillian 1, 18 year old

  4. assuming you mean the Wallace from Fluminese, just signed him for my everton team, first season, gone straight into my team due to injuries and so far 7 Games, 1 Assist with an ave rating of 6.97, not going to complain

  5. Yes thats the 1, i no chelsea are after him in real life, and at 18 think he should turn out ok on Fm aswell,

  6. I think he has a release clause of around 5 million

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