Southampton - who to sign

  1. Southampton - who to sign

    Hey guys I'm just starting up a Southampton save and was just wondering who some good players are to sign. I'm thinking Kara Yettergard Jenssen and Wellington Nem as they will solidify my midfield and can dictate the tempo. I need a keeper and I need to loan a few defenders in. Also the staff are not great any ideas on who would be a good coach etc? Is there a coaches list up yet?


  2. Southampton - who to sign-everton_-staff-members-2.pngSouthampton - who to sign-everton_-staff-members-3.pngsome good staff there erm gk Mattia Perin... get adyran 850k, theres a dc at barca cnt remember name u can get him on loan just look in b team hes good

  3. cork and morgan are good hg midfielders whom i still use in my 4th season with soton, what you need is a good lb cb and st first season get the gk second season

  4. Yeah try and get nem, gk-Claudio Bravo is a good option strikers- try and look at big clubs like milan, barca etc. and try and get some on loan!

  5. I bought Okore (Fc Nordsjælland) and Lasse Nielsen (Aab) they have done wonders together.. And Leon Britton for the midfield.. Im satisfied

  6. I managed to get Jan Kirchoff in the first transfer window Bellusci is also very good and affordable option. Also I can recommend Danny Wilson on loan.

  7. GK - Gordon (free)

    LB - Planas - Barcelona B

    CB - Okore, Sviatchenko, Strandberg, Doria

    DM - Simao, Kara, Anderson (Utd) loan (may not come)

    MFS- Adryan, Wellington Nem

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