The lost art of sweeping

  1. The lost art of sweeping

    So has anyone here tried playing a sweeper?

    I've been goving it a go and it works brilliantly

    Anyone found a good sweeper though? It seems like a lost position, I've been using a regen but am starting a new game

    So yeah any good sweepers found by the wider FM-base community?

  2. Bocchetti, vertongen thats it really.

  3. Mateo Musacchio can play sweeper, but I don't know what he's like having never played as Villarreal or never bought him, plus never using a tactic with a sweeper.

  4. I used Vermaelen as a sweeper on FM12 when I was trying to recreate the old Italian styles

    But Pique is probably the best sweeper on the game, but bocchetti and vertonghen that have been mentioned are also extremely good

    (Most defensive full-backs make quality sweepers if you re-train them

  5. Yeah im trying to create a libero attacking sweeper, a franz beckenbaur kind of player

    A creative player with good speed, dribbling and metal stats

    Basically the perfect midfielder that can defend as well

    I'll start looking for some now and see how they go

  6. John Heitinga of Everton plays there very well.
    If money is no object Pique of Barcelona.

    Manuel Fernandez will complain but picks up the position quite quickly too. Tackling is poor though.

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