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Zinedine Zidane....the player (oooohhh)
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  1. Zinedine Zidane....the player (oooohhh)

    Ok so basically i came up with this crazy idea i wanted to create a team of world class players like ronaldo (brazilian), nesta & scholes and start from a low league in england like division 2 or lower or something like that and just seeing would it work and how many goals and assists they could get and how they would perform in general so...

    Here is the team is was hoping, still am hoping, on creating.

    Buffon (GK)

    Roberto Carlos (FB) Nesta (CD) Beckenbauer (CD) Maldini (FB

    Roy Keane (DM) Patrick Viera (DM)


    Lionel Messi (IF) Ronaldinho (IF)

    Ronaldo (P)

    So far i have created Zidane

    Zinedine Zidane....the player (oooohhh)-zidane.png

    So ya, tell me if you think his stats are accurate for his age (no im not a spurs fan, just a random team).

    Obviously not finished yet, but just wanted to see for future references how good it is, or bad.

    What i was hoping to do is create a player and upload the file so you can pick and choose who you want but there will be a huge ledgends database out soon so i dont no will i bother, so let me know what you think, your comments and feedback are much appreciated

  2. maybe a tad more pace and strength, he was a great athlete aswell.. also bit more aggression and off the ball maybe.

    Zidane vs Portugal Euro 2000 - YouTube

    this video sums up his game pretty much, not even a fantastic performance by his standards...

  3. ya thinking about it, he did headbutt some guy haha

  4. Balance must be 20 , determination and teamwork minimum 18 too . BTW ; he improve his heading too

  5. ye exactly also maybe a lil boost on the long shots

    Zinedine Zidane - The Maestro Of The Decade HD - YouTube

    skip to 3.35 there are some clips of long shots he's scored. such a well rounded incredible player.

  6. ok, ill make these changes as soon as possible and see how everything is after that

  7. PPMs?

  8. better finishing should be at least 17 like on his last ever fm, fm 05 plus better long shots better balance ect ect zidane was quick aggresive technically brilliant and the grace and ballance of a ballet dancer

  9. One of the best that ever played the game.
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  10. To be fair mate I think you have done a decent job. When alot of people make 'legend' players they stick about 85% of the attributes up to 20.

    Decent balance all round you have made there. If you did put finishing upto 17 I think that would be a bit extreme. 14 is a good level. Amazing player but not known for really high goal ratios if you take into account he would play 35-50 games a season and never went over 12 goals in a single season at any club. (best ratio is 48 played 12 scored according to wiki that i just checked lol)

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