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best young right back.

  1. best young right back.

    Looking for a Right Back that has the potential to become the best in the world or close to it, but preferably under the age of 21. I am arsenal and have a decent amount of money so should be able to sign most players. Thanks.

  2. Sebastien Corchia
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  3. Mario Fernandes, Matthias Zimmermann, Serge Aurier, Sebastien Corchia, Martin Montoya, Mattia De Sciglio plus a couple of others.
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  4. How about Wallace, anybody had any luck with him?

  5. Gino Peruzzi in 2018:
    best young right back.-gino-peruzzi_-overview-attributes-2.png

    compared to Corchia 2018:
    best young right back.-s-bastien-corchia_-overview-attributes.png

  6. Romario (Victoria)?

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