the complete forward

  1. the complete forward

    right im looking for a player that would suit the complete forward role? im currently spurs and a few of my targets i cant get,just wondered if anyone had any suggestions? thanks

  2. Gayle4orce
    I know it may pain you to purchase him, but Giroud is doing awesome for my Arsenal save as a CF.

  3. spanky123
    kweuke's awesome in this role or maybe ademilson

  4. rochina does alright

  5. Pantelo Corvino the one of best scout told me"Wallyson".Problem is work permission.

  6. mattia destro!

  7. came here to say two already suggested, destro and kweuke. fkin beasts. destro is about 5? years younger, but is ready for the spotlight right away, can get him for free at the start of the second season and kweuke for under 4m through his release season 1.

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