2nd season woes...

  1. 2nd season woes...

    Hey guys,

    I'm wondering if you can help. I'm currently in my 2nd season as liverpool and am in the champions league finished 2nd in the prem. I've been given 39 mil to buy players and am looking to strengthen my team which at the moment is OK but not the strongest at all. I'm wondering who you think I should buy and maybe sell to make room.

    my current squad (approx) is as follows

    gk: reina, Gordon, jones

    wbs: Johnson, Enrique, bal-somebody think there's a z in there somewhere...

    cbs:agger,skertl, bochetti, kelly

    dm: levia

    cms: gerrard, shelvey, Allen, joe cole

    wngs: assaidi, sterling, nem

    St: Suarez, ademilson, cornilieus, borini and Carroll is coming back

    andreas Polk is available for 15mil but seems to take a huge chunk. Not sure if I should spend a lot on one or two guys or a little on a few more to bulk up. Any suggestions? I'm currently using the wingback a tactic but others can be suggested. Thanks a lot!!

  2. I think you have a decent squad but injurys would hit you hard so I would advise geting a winger/wingback player like Neil Taylor, Bale or Santon. And you might want backup in the center so jake Livermore or jermaine Jenas(4m) from tottenham. Apart from that look for regens and cheep/free backup players.

  3. I'd take Poli(presume you mean him) for 15mil, will get into your starting 11 and also gives you some cover for Lucas.
    You'll want to bring in another winger too unless you push Suarez out wide, if you do that I'd suggest selling Carroll and buying in another ST.

  4. i would keep your team almost as is, only i would put kelly at rb (even over johnson imo) he is a beast there. your strikers are beastly but i would think about selling assaidi and converting sterling to a st or amc and playing a more narrow formation. polo would be a good buy at 15, he is class as a deep lying playmaker. also you may want to bring in another wb for cover or potential probably on the left, my two strongest suggestions are luke shaw from southampton and alex grimaldo from barca, future england and spain left backs and both turn out awesome.

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