AMC for Newcastle 1st season

  1. AMC for Newcastle 1st season

    I am looking for a quality AMC for newcstle. I have sold Marvaux and bought wllington nem and adryan. I also have good faith in Vuckic. I bought Sammir in FM 12 and he was pretty good but not sure in this FM. Any suggestions? Does anyone have experience in using Sammir? Looking for young talents and older guys. As long as the price tag is good!

    Appreciate any feedback

  2. Well you have Adryan so I wouldn't bother buying anyone too young because they'd both need the game time to improve.
    Have a look at Barrientos or if you want somone younger try Dzagoev or Florenzi

  3. i don't think you need one as you have nem and adryan, but dzagoev was sick for me in a 4-1-2-1-2 as AM

  4. Well, I forgot to mention that I play in a 4-2-3-1 with 3 AMCs. I need atleast 5. I went for Florenzi

  5. Rainford Kalaba set me back about 2 million and has played excellent for me, good hard working AMC, now valued at 7.75 mil for mem so a good newcastle style buy, get in cheap and look at selling on for huge profits

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