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What attributes to look for in Regens?

  1. What attributes to look for in Regens?

    Hi All,

    Just finished my first season with Arsenal and I want to bring in some quality Regens to the squad.

    My scout have reported around 50 5 or 4.5 star PA Regens and I have about enough money to sign 3 Regens.

    So apart from the PA and Roles what attributes should I look for in a Regens?


  2. Technique is always my priorityFlair, dribbling Creativity, passing for a midDetermination, bravery, strength for defenseComposure positioning and finishing for a forward These are all high on my list

  3. it depends on the position they play and the role you give them to play in your team
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  4. Depends purely on what positions you're after, high physical stats are always a huge plus along with solid technical skills.
    Mental I wouldn't worry about a huge amount seeing as though they go up a lot with tutoring and age.

  5. Always look for determination. If their determination is low, they likely won't meet there "5 star" potential.

  6. regens are always overrated they have madly high attributes!!! i have a italian forward whos only 19 who is immense!! i got him on a free from juve!!! but i have a right winger whos awesome too just a shame no goalkeepers on my save but the box to box mid i have wow technically hes immense mentaly ok and physically a tank 4 an 19 year old hes my vidal replacement!!!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Fatal548 View Post
    Always look for determination. If their determination is low, they likely won't meet there "5 star" potential.
    Anything over 12-13 is fine, you can tutor them for some more and as long as you play them often they hit it anyway.
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