Best Freebies....

  1. Best Freebies....

    i was just wondering who the best freebies are at start of season 1 for say championship or mid prem team...i can only fink of roy drenthe.... if you know any please tell

  2. asier del horno, alex

  3. Royston drenthe

  4. Quote Originally Posted by baxter51 View Post
    Royston drenthe
    Oh dear... did you read the OP?
    Quote Originally Posted by tommyd150 View Post
    i can only fink of roy drenthe

  5. You may find more than 230 free players here: True Football Manager blog, free player list.

  6. I did but didn't see that bit cause I didn't read it properly haha

  7. For Sheff Wed I signed a DM/CM Cristano Zanetti who is pretty decent, he should be able to do a job in the championship.

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