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Iker Muniain Is the spanish messi!!

  1. Iker Muniain Is the spanish messi!!

    As loads of people have been asking about how good iker muniain is i thought i would upload some goal highlights from my bilbao game 3 seasons in, ive been playing him as a poacher and I feel he plays very similar to messi so for those of you who want messi but cant get him maybe muniain would be a good alternative as these highlights will show, the pick of the bunch is probably the goal against barcelona in a 2-2 draw where he drops deep gets to collect the ball, beats his midfield marker then runs diagonally towards goal and slots it home from the edge of the area, to me that is a textbook messi goal, also the hatrick in a 4-2 win against madrid is rather good, and the diving header against valencia.... they are all good goals I hope you enjoy them.

    here is a couple of pics of iker 3 seasons in,
    Iker Muniain Is the spanish messi!!-2012-12-16_00001.jpgIker Muniain Is the spanish messi!!-2012-12-16_00002.jpg
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  2. I've heard of Muniain but who is this fella Messi??

    Newcastle United and Aberdeen Modern Day Legend
    Been amazing in my Bilbao story - scored 66 in one season and just scored 40 in 41 in my last season
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  4. in my 2nd season, his 1st as playing a poacher he got 3rd in european golden shoe, 3rd top scorer in spain and top spanish player goal scorer awards
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