Slotting young english players in

  1. Slotting young english players in

    I am thinking of starting a game with a decent Premiership side such as Liverpool or Spurs but I would like to sign and develop the best young english talent in my save. I wont just be signing English players but I'm interested to know from other peoples experiences how the likes of Zaha, Butland, Redmond, Ince and Matt Phillips get on and how good they become. Would any of those players be able to break straight into the sides i mentioned and do you have any other recomended english youngsters who are good enough for Europa League level


  2. Don't make it only english, take also welsh , irish and scottish players in cos there are good young talents there also. Then I think you can quite easily win EL first season

  3. gogogo golem
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    Jack Butland I can't judge because he's only twenty one on my save. Redmond and Ince have become brilliant on my save. Phillips has been average and Zaha can be good but is a massive training project since although he has some great stats he also has massive weaknesses in important areas.

    Quasit, I think it's English because he wants to manage the national side at some point or is patriotic or he feels that Britons aren't domestic enough and most of the talents are English anyway.

  4. Just like to say, I'd strongly suggest Arsenal. Got some quality British prospects already breaking into the first team (Jenkinson, Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Chambo, Walcott), and has a fair few players you could sell off to get more money (Which they already have alot of!). Not to mention their training/youth facilities!

    But I think don't think any of the players mentioned exept maybe Zaha would get straight into the team :/

  5. M8, i'm doing something similar. So, i've sold RVP, Valencia, Nani, Evra, Rafael and Fábio, Vidic, Lindergaard and Chicharito is going at the end of the season.

    I will only keep Kagawa until my regens get the same productivity.

    On the other hand, i've bought Bale, Walker, Wilshere, Walcott, Chamberlain and Barkley (guy from Everton, forgot the name), Shaw (left FB), Butland.

    As you can see im with United, fired 95% of my reserve and u-18 team, and signed 22 regens, 14 are British/Irish. The others are players under 19 with PA bigger than 180 (one has 200!!)

    As i have a strong 1st team i can manage the youngsters in an easy way.

    I think you can do it better with Liverpool then the Spurs, but it would be tremendous if you achieve this with a Welsh only England players team!

  6. It doesnt just have to be english players, like I said I will probably bring in some foreigners but I want the core of my team to be young british players. Does anyone have any suggestions for other players I could use.

    I agree about Liverpool being a better option because they already have the likes of Flannagan, Robinson and Sterling on the fringes of the first team. On this point does anyone know how good Jordan Ibe can become?

  7. Young English Talent

    Try this list mate.

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