Liverpool first window, 20 mil to spend.
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  1. Liverpool first window, 20 mil to spend.

    Who should I buy ? I was thinking a winger but not sure..

  2. I got Ben Arfa for 12.5 mill for Liverpool, played him inside forward on the right and he was awesome.
    Other good wingers for Livepool would be Nem, Gaitan, Yarmolenko, Isco for 17.5 is class as well.
    I don't know if you have already, but sell Johnson for 18.5 to Chelsea, downing to fulham for 10.25 and doni 1.2 to city.

  3. How about strikers? I would get in Rodrigo from Benfica, he turns out to be an absolute beasts as your probably already know, and he is very cheap. And yeah, Ben Arfa sounds like a good buy. Also have a look at Corchia/Vrsaljko at RB if you do decide to sell Glen Johnson. Also have a look at Erik Lamela for the wing.

  4. You should definitely get Ben Arfa, Isco, Wellington Nem, Isco and Rodrigo! Should be able to buy all those if you sell Johnson and Downing!

  5. Wellington Nem, Carlos Fierro and scout Adryan 4.5 star on my save. Them three will all be under 10mil

  6. Get douglas costa and demba ba or ademilson as back up striker!

  7. I have already bought Ademilson & Okore, I want a inside forward who can play on the right but is left footed.

    My friend is managing Newcastle so I can't buy Demba ba plus he is very injury prone, first game of the season & he got injured for 3 months lol.

  8. AlanM92's Avatar AlanM92
    Liverpool Rotation
    For Liverpool having been them myself numerous times, I'd say you need quite a few positions. LB LW RW AMC and a Striker.

  9. Douglas costa is a left footed right winger, hes ace and cheap and young, definitely recommend

  10. i always get Fernando lorente is a beast what more you can get him for free and Andriy Yarmolenko ukrine winger top class also can get on a free.

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