Players for league 1

  1. Players for league 1

    First post everyone but been reading for years and never really posted, any who I'm brentcord in league one and I need some decent players to loan or get for free really need a cm and right back and maybe a poacher I brought Denga for right back and junior agogo as my poacher as well as loaning Thomas eisfield, joe garner. I usually play a 4-2-4 at home against teams I feel I can beat and my favoured 4-2-3-1 for away and home against good teams. There my own tactics as I don't like using others I prefer making my own. So yeah any help people? Thanks in advance

  2. Ahm souk free goal machine in tht league

  3. Ride The Walrus's Avatar Ride The WalrusPremium Member
    Liverpool A pretty cool guy.
    Matt Derbyshire, Nicholas Bignall.

  4. Thanks guys just lost my first game against Keaton orient 3-1 after 2 players got sent off for rowing with the ref for a pen given :/

  5. Souka was doing amazing with my other striker now he's injured for 3-4 months any play makers?

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