When to get Neymar and Gotze for the cheapest transfer fee?

  1. When to get Neymar and Gotze for the cheapest transfer fee?

    I am currently playing as Arsenal and I really really want to get Neymar and Gotze on the team. I have saw many post saying you can get Neymar for less than 30M and Gotze around 22M but I am having my transfer request rejected at 40M for them.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. i say get them ASAP as they only improve and therefore only become more expensive. if they are transfer listed or unhappy for any reason you will also be able to get a few million off.

    i personaly tried to buy gotze for arsenal and it would have cost me 45 mill in the first season, it only went up from there as he was averageing 7.95 each season.

    neymar man u bought in the second year for 42 mill and sold a much improved neymar to barca in 2017 for only 35. just before united bought him i tried to get him for 35 and they insisted on 45 and i pulled out and got jovetic.

    its just down to circumstance watch how their clubs are doing and there happiness and you might get lucky.

  3. Not sure about Neymar, but definitely try and get Gotze as soon as possible. Before you start your first season in fact. That has to be when you'll get him cheapest. I suspect Neymar's the same story.

  4. Gotze first season ASAP, anywhere between 18-25mil usually.
    With Neymar it's honestly best to wait it out, if you go in first season expect them to want his release clause for him or atleast 50mil+. If you wait it out for a season or two he'll end up transfer listed for 60 odd, then you can either work them down or wait it out, the price will slowly drop to 30 or so. Need to keep an eye on him though as teams will come in for him.

  5. I lost both Neymar and Gotze to Barcelona and Man City. Both deal are around 30-42M in pound ... Cant believe that Man City pay 300k/w for Gotze. I dont want to spend that much in wage for one player

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