Need some major help

  1. Need some major help

    I've got players like Wellington nem, Adryan, Isco, and a few more wonder kids but they just won't perform, how do I get the best out of them I've tried all different ideas and I'm stuggling to think of what to do

    Please help???

  2. Who are you playing as? Can they Speak the same language as the rest of you're team? What are you're tactics? Are they playing unfamiliar roles? Is there a low morale cause there's been lots of transfers?

  3. From personal experience if you're in your first season, don't be expecting Wellington Nem or Adryan to perform any better than a 7 usually. Not only are they still raw talents, chances are they will have difficulty blending into the team as well.

  4. I've had a few saves now were Wellington nem and so many more just don't improve I had a Southampton save which lasted 4 seasons and he hadn't improved much I've tried bringing in players who he recommends and made signings who speak his language but he and many more just keep flopping

  5. i have Nem AMR Inside Forward-S put through balls often creativty much hes been decent for me played 12 games for villa 1 goal 7 assists, i had on an everton save he was epic! ive got him for villa 2 but loaned him out

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