Can Ademilson play the lone striker role?

  1. Can Ademilson play the lone striker role?

    I'm in the second season having just been promoted as Crystal Palace, and having started ok, playing a 4-4-2, we went through a very rough patch and I've reverted to a 4-4-1-1, with Zaha playing up front on his own chasing down long balls, taking players on and causing all sorts of problems. Ademilson started well for me, but now he hasn't scored in 10 league games, and has something like 1 in 18, and I'm not convinced he can play the lone striker role. He doesn't have blistering pace or a lot of height, is there something I am missing?

    Does anyone have any ideas about player instructions or how to focus the team around him to create goalscoring chances? I'm playing with two central midfielders, one CM (defend) and one BWM (defend) and a pacey LM/RM combination in Moses and Redmond both set to wingers. Any particular instructions? Cheers guys.

  2. i signed him for villa 5.25mil i use a 451 formation and i use him as a poacher he does decent give him time he will have 16 or 17 pace

  3. I play Ademilson as a lone striker with two inside forwards supporting him from the flanks and an advanced playmaker supporting from behind, this works perfectly well for me. I am just starting the 2018/2019 season and he has scored 153 goals in 196 games so far, average rating of 7.44.

  4. Train him on quickness and he'll hit 19 Acceleration and Pace pretty sharpish then focus on finishing. He should be 15/16 Finishing and Composure by the time he's rapid and score for fun.

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