Maxime Partouche - Right Winger for Championship/League 1

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    Maxime Partouche - Right Winger for Championship/League 1

    In my 2nd season with Wycombe, I picked him up on a free transfer from FC Versailles where he starts the game on an amateur contract. I'd already gained promotion from League 2 so I'm not sure if he would be available for League 2 sides, but he might go for a promotion contender considering he had no issues joining a recently promoted side.Very consistent once you train him to 'run with ball down right', 'run with ball often' and 'knock ball past opponent'. Screenshots from my Wycombe game:

  2. Looks like a brilliant find for a lower league team to me!

  3. Im struggling with Wycombe badly mate, what tactics do you use and what players have you signed?

  4. i got promoted with morecambe in first season and im not consistent in league, beat sheff united 3-0 but lost to oxford, not consistent enough which is annoying, could do with a player like him

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