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Marco Capuano

  1. Marco Capuano

    Bought this guy for emergency back up for Collocini and Taylor in my Newcastle save.

    He played 15 times the first season i signed him, when one of my 2 CB'S got a bad injury i was forced to play. I was scared to but had to.

    He seemed solid but didnt class him as my first choice, then second season i decided to give him first choice at start of season and he remained there through out. End of my 2nd season with him i was getting offers of around 20-30 mill off Real Madrid, Tottenham and Chelsea. Rejected them as i thought i found a gem and he has been quality since.

    Not seen threads about him or his name mentioned ... Has anyone bought him, probs not as when i scouted him he only had 3 star CA + PA and only cost me around 4 mil .. Here are some screenshots of him 2015.

    This should be in surprisingly good players thread but what the heck.

    Some think he oesnt look up to much but he has been my best play by far with players even like Ben Arfa, Thiago, Cisse, Lucas Moura, Cabaye, Krul, Tiote, Varane, Corchia etc all in the team he has been far the better and most surprisingly.

    Marco Capuano-marco-capuano_-history-career-stats.pngMarco Capuano-marco-capuano_-overview-profile.png
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  2. He's usually transfer listed first season in most of my games, he's amazing for any team below mid-table.
    In my West Brom save him and Olsson were a rock at the back for three seasons for me.

  3. Ive been battling for title won title in his first season and have been battling for Champions League spots other 2 seasons. He is class !

  4. Do you mind if I use that SS in this thread:
    Marco Capuano - Pescara

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Vanjagl View Post
    Do you mind if I use that SS in this thread:
    Marco Capuano - Pescara

    Not at all mate, he maybe would of turned better than that if i played him more at start but this is him in 2015
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