How to improve my squad

  1. How to improve my squad

    Playing Everton, two seasons in.

    I can spend about 80 M.

  2. DL is your weakest position. Take a look at Jetro Willems or David Alaba

  3. Celtic First Team
    Look for regen LB's there should be a few good ones in your game now. Or take a look at Gino Peruzzi and retrain his as a LB. Also try and sign a better AMC, there should be regens with higher potential than Barkley.

  4. If that was my team I'd look to get a new Lb( Alaba, Williams, Taylor) and I'd look at the free transfer list for a old backup GK (Doni, abati, Hilbrand, Whoever is available) and a old AMC (Pires, Alex, Beckham etc) so that you're squad has more experience. I'd also look for regens who I would then tutor with the older players.

  5. Fuck me how has the tight arsed Everton chairman forked out for them? I can tell you've sold Jelavic, Baines and others but has that generated your funds or has your league/cup positions funded them or have you been baught out?

    I'd go for a new AMC, LB and a few decent squad players to bolster your bench and have someone with something special to bring on.

    I always sign Taarabt or a player like that to come on every game. He's a great 30minute player. Formica too

  6. If you are wondering, you can see all the transfer values here : Everton Summer 2014

    And no takeover yet,it just collapsed because we are about to enter transfer window.
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