Would Cavani and Falcao work together up front?

  1. Would Cavani and Falcao work together up front?

    I already have Cavani but thinking of spending my money on Falcao to partner him.
    Currently I have Destro as a DLF and Cavani as a Poacher next to him.
    I don't really have any DLF cover so I was thinking of buying Falcao.
    Falcao would play as the Poacher and Cavani as the DLF.

    Could these 2 play together or are there any other, cheaper DLFs?

  2. That sounds like an incredible idea that could prove to be very lethal! I'd play Cavani as Target Man (Attack) and Falcao as Poacher (Attack). That could turn out to be a title winning strike force.

  3. Falcao is brutal as an advanced forward, molests defences week in week out. Total molester of the goal mouth....BEAST. Never tried him as a DLF though mate

  4. Not sure about Falcao, but just thought I'd mention that for me I have used Cavani for 3 seasons and tried him in a different role each season. In my game, he had the best goal scoring rate as an advanced forward, then DLF, and with poacher he was the least successful. But that could just be my tactics and so on

  5. Its not really going to matter what role you play them in, they'll just be spunking goals constantly...

    As for a cheaper DLF, I have Fierro as DLP at Barca and in the third season he is on 12 goals and 5 assists from 16 games, not bad for a 20 year old!

  6. Play both as CFs, one support one attack, and tell them to switch positions during matches!

  7. Don't know about Falcao and Cavani but Cavani and Neymar has teared up the defences in my Real Madrid save with Neymar playing as Deep Lying Forward - Support and Cavani as Poacher - Attack. So i would suggest to partner with Cavani or Falaco bring a DLF who can pass and create chances like Neymar, Aguero, Van Persie, Rooney, Tevez, Benzema or Giuseppe Rossi.

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