Can't find players even with 250,000 players in database...thoughts?

  1. Can't find players even with 250,000 players in database...thoughts?

    Hey Chaps,

    new to the forums but have been nicking player lists and tactics for many, many years so thank you to everyone who's advice I have been happily using!

    Just upgraded from FM 2012 to 2013 and have run into a bit of an odd brick wall. I love picking up the start of game freemans to try and make my budget go that bit further but for some reason 2013 is frustrating me.

    I trust I am allowed to link other FM sites but I have seen variations of the following list on a number of forums etc

    Football Manager 2013 Best Free Players

    Where I am struggling is there are a large number of people on that list that no matter what I do I cannot get to show up in game. Beginning to wonder if they exist.

    A good example is Tom De Mul, I have seen references on forums to people signing him but even when I set a custom player database up with stupid number of players 250,000 etc he doesn't appear if I simply search for his name in the search function.

    Same for Spas Delev, Jose Fernando Marques and nearly everyone else on that list etc. I have so far found only two in game and I even tried loading the database with all players on the eurppean nationality or working there etc and still half of the Spanish people on that list didn't exist.

    I normally start with a championship team but I tried starting with Man Utd to get access to worldwide scouting and still they aren't in the list.

    Am I being a moron and I won't be offended if you say yes and point out my error at the same time

  2. are you ticking the option to load all the players from that nation, if so then no ideas.

  3. Yep even tried it where I loaded all the nations individually rather than Europe as a whole and checked the box for all players of that nationality in each one.

  4. Did you go for large database as well? I know it is a daft question! But hey ho trying to help out

  5. Yeah Large Database

    I presume these players on that list exist though as I have seen people talk about signing some of them Tom de Mul being an example.

  6. Ok I found out the problem and it is more to do with the UI than anything else.

    What I was doing was going to the manager dropdown, search then players and then once on the search for players screen I was typing in their names into the filter and nothing...

    Hadn't realised that if I click on the search function on the main screen and type in their name it will then bring up the result.

    So searching for a player in the search for players doesn't work but search for them generally and bingo. Ah well good news is I can start to find the good cheap players. Bad news is I am two months in and now thinking of a re-start with a much smaller database lol as 200 odd thousand players makes for a very slow pc

  7. I suspect you have a filter in place on the player search screen.

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