Real Madrid Dilemma

  1. Real Madrid Dilemma

    I have started the season with a budget of £4.4 million which I can increase to a certain extent because of the wage budget which is just over £400 thousand a week.

    I was thinking about making a move for an older experienced player on a one year deal. I tried for Frank Lampard, but he didn't want to move. I have in mind the following:

    Andrea Pirlo - Seems interested in joining
    Ronaldinho - Seems interested in joining
    Didier Drogba - Doesn't appear to be interested
    Nicholas Anelka - Interested as wants to leave current club

    I was also thinking of loaning Gomes from Tottenham for a season and then buying a young Spanish goalkeeper such as David de Gea at the end of the season as a replacement for Casillas.

    Any ideas on whether this is a good idea?

  2. From what you say you don't know what position you want the experienced player to fill ,you don't really know what type of player you want in terms of skills, all you know is you want an experienced player. But you do want a GK as backup to Casillas for season 1 and a young guy to eventually replace Casillas. Given the fact you only have £4.4 million ( I know you can increase ) and you don't know what type of player you want I think you have to ask yourself why you want to buy a player because if its just for the sake of spending that money then why not keep it and spend it on De Gea at the end of the season because that money will just add to next seasons budget.

  3. I say you don't know what type of player because you suggest an attacking midfielder, 2 creative central midfielder and 2 strikers so its quite varied.

  4. Yeah because I just want to bring in an experienced player over the age of 33 really. I think Andrea Pirlo might cost me around the £12 million mark which could be a bit of a problem considering value for his age and the playing time I will get out of him.

    Ronaldinho is appealing, but I think his lack of stamina could be a problem and he only seems to play well for 45 minutes of a match.

    Didier Drogba is probably the most unlikely signing.

    Nicholas Anelka is transfer and loan listed, so possibly bringing him in on a loan for a season for cover if I'm paying a portion of his wages could be viable.

    In terms of a Casillas replacement, I don't want to move for De Gea until next season because I can raise the funds from a Kaka transfer. He's not a first team player for me and he's on £200k p/w which seems a complete waste of money.

  5. There is already a lot of experience in the Madrid squad (Casillas, Pepe, Alonso, Arbeloa, Carvalho etc) but if you really want someone over 33 for a season or so (i am asuming your in the first season?) that won't break the bank maybe look at Giggs, Scholes or even Ferdinand.

    I got Ronaldino in the first winter transfer window on a free for Man Utd. He was useful and had a couple of really good games but as you noted his stamina isn't great. Pirlo would prob be good but expensive. I don't think Drogba or Anelka would be good enough for Madrid.

    Casillas will still be great for at least a couple more seasons so I would wait before buying De Gea (he will be v expensive) I wouldn't worry about money as you will likely get £50m plus next season but I would sell Kaka asap to fund immediate transfers

  6. Since u r looking for experience player i recommend bring Alex who is on free transfer and has gr8 attributes.

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